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35 Reasons Moving to Connecticut is an AWESOME Idea!

To start, I figured I would let you know that I am someone who has lived in Connecticut most of my life and I am proud of my home state. I have also lived in a few other places such as Texas, North Carolina (and a couple places I’d rather not go back to in the Middle East) while I was in the Air Force. After my enlistment ended, I decided that moving to Connecticut was best for me because I felt that this was where I wanted to call home again.

Now that I have a family of my own, I understand that it’s important to live in a state that I feel will be the best choice for their long term success. I could move to any state I want, but I choose to live in Connecticut because I really do feel that this is a great place to raise a family. After all, geographically we are located directly in between two major cities, Boston and New York, with excellent transportation options close by such as highways, railroads and multiple international airports. In addition, each Connecticut town and city is uniquely charming with highly desirable classic New England characteristics. Also, being a coastal state we have excellent beaches and direct waterfront property for residences, personal enjoyment and commercial operations.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly aware that Connecticut has it’s share of challenges that it is facing right now. However, it’s impossible to ignore all the positive qualities that we have available to us as residents of CT. I decided to write the article because of all the attention lately is focused on the negative aspects of living here and all the positive is constantly being overlooked. Connecticut can and will become highly desirable and sought after again and now is a great time to live here because home affordability is at it’s best level in a long time. Below are the 35 reasons that I feel make moving to Connecticut and living in Connecticut an AWESOME idea!

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Fair Market Value, Appraised Value, Assessed Value and Replacement Value: What is My House Worth??!?

As a real estate agent in Connecticut, I am intimately involved with home values as a part of my every day activities. It always excites me when people start talking about the value of homes in the Connecticut real estate market. This is a topic where I can add real value to the conversation and who doesn’t like it when that happens!

In order, to properly understand what a house is worth, you need to understand the difference between four different values.

  1. Fair Market Value
  2. Appraised Value
  3. Assessed Value
  4. Replacement Value


How much does it cost to sell a house in Connecticut?

Quite regularly people ask me “If I were to sell my home, how much money will it cost me”? Unfortunately, the answer is always the same, “It depends”.

Believe me when I say that it drives me up the wall when people give me that answer to a question I ask. We have become a society where information is cheap and easy and we want instant gratification. So below is my attempt at answering the question in enough gory detail to feel comfortable that it will not mislead anyone. Continue reading to have an answer to the question “How much does it cost to sell a house in Connecticut?” more

Why the First 30 Days Are Critical for Selling Your House

You made a huge life decision and decided to make a move and sell your Connecticut home. As a Realtor, whenever I meet with people who are starting the process of selling their home they are often surprised when I tell them we should have your house sold in 2 weeks or a maximum of 30 days, if done correctly.

Unfortunately, many home sellers fall into common traps for delaying the sale of their home and below I’ll explain the Top Tips for Selling Your House in 30 Days Or Less.


What is Home Depot’s Project Color App and Why Would You Use It?

Both Connecticut home buyers and home sellers will agree, the number one answer to what is the best home improvement project to perform is painting the walls with a fresh coat of paint. When selling your home the rule of thumb is to go neutral to attract the most amount of buyers. However, if you are a home buyer and recently closed on your new home in Connecticut, you can go all out and paint with any colors you desire. Some decide to go with their favorite sports team or a really bright or bold color. The trend today is also to do an accent wall to make a statement.

But what is the correct color and how do you choose one correctly? Home Depot tackled this challenge with the release of the Home Depot’s Project Color app for both your iPhone or Android device.

This app was designed to tackle the challenge of ensuring that you are confident in your paint color decision by allowing you to take a photo of a room or choose a “live view” and digitally paint the room with any of the 1000’s of available paint and stain colors. Check out the commercial below to see how Home Depot is marketing the app.


Can Saint Joseph’s Statue Sell Your House Fast?

Are you looking for a little extra help selling your Connecticut house? There is a way that seems to work for many realtors and home owners alike. It is as simple as planting a Saint Joseph’s Statue for luck in your real estate efforts. According to a New York report, an increasing number of people is seeking the help of ‘Patron Saint of Real Estate’ in the hopes that it will help solve their selling woes issues.

Joseph may have been a carpenter, but apparently he can turn around the situation and help you sell your house if you have a little faith. And you need not be a Catholic for this to work. The legend of burying a statue of St. Joseph in the compound of a home that you are trying to sell dates back to a thousand years. The tradition holds that because St. Joseph is the patron saint of homes and family, praying to him and burying his statue around the property will help you in getting a quick sale offer.


saint joseph s statue

5 Ways to Inexpensively Improve Your Home Before Selling

One of the top questions that I am asked as a real estate agent is, “how can someone inexpensively improve their home to increase the chances of selling for the most amount of money”? The key word in this question is “inexpensively”. It is common knowledge that a high end kitchen remodel or finishing off your basement is high on prospective home buyers list of wanted upgrades. However, not everyone has the 10’s of thousands of dollars to spend on these items. So what can a home seller do to inexpensively improve their home? Below are 5 ways to do just that!


ways to inexpensively improve your home

Everything you ever wanted to know about the mortgage contingency in Connecticut is below!

Congratulations are in order, you have found a buyer for your Connecticut home, have entered into a contract and are now in the escrow process. Depending on the terms of your contract, you may have a number of contingencies that need to be removed before you can get your house to the closing table.

I am going to walk you through perhaps one of the most complicated and important contingencies of all, the mortgage contingency.


Everything you ever wanted to know about the home inspection contingency in Connecticut!

Congratulations! After all that hard work of preparing your home to sell, having strangers wander around your home and judging it critically, tense negotiations with buyers and ultimately accepting a contract (which became official when the deposit check was received) and you have entered into what is called escrow. In Connecticut, typically the sellers real estate broker holds the deposit in their escrow account until closing or both parties sign off on it’s release.

This is an important milestone and you should take some time to celebrate, my favorite spot for a celebration dinner is at South Windsor’s the Mill on the River restaurant or Manchester’s Stone and Paddle. However, keep in mind your house is not really “SOLD” yet! This is where the conditions of the contract called “contingencies” have to be removed in order for the contract to really be binding. First the most common type of contingency you will be up against is the home inspection contingency.


The time has come to sell your lake house in Connecticut…

After years of great backyard barbecues, family gatherings, swimming and fishing on the lake and just enjoying the view. It is time to move on and you want to sell a lake house in Connecticut. The decision is not one to be taken lightly. It has come after careful consideration and you feel another family can pick up where you will leave off and continue on with all the home and the lake has to offer.

So how can you successfully sell your lake house and sell it for the most amount of money possible? The simple answer is you need to appeal to the buyers emotions. You do this by selling the story of what the home and lake will mean to a buyer and their future.

If you want to sell a lake house in Connecticut below is a step by step process that if followed will virtually guarantee success.


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