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What is Home Depot’s Project Color App and Why Would You Use It?

Both Connecticut home buyers and home sellers will agree, the number one answer to what is the best home improvement project to perform is painting the walls with a fresh coat of paint. When selling your home the rule of thumb is to go neutral to attract the most amount of buyers. However, if you are a home buyer and recently closed on your new home in Connecticut, you can go all out and paint with any colors you desire. Some decide to go with their favorite sports team or a really bright or bold color. The trend today is also to do an accent wall to make a statement.

But what is the correct color and how do you choose one correctly? Home Depot tackled this challenge with the release of the Home Depot’s Project Color app for both your iPhone or Android device.

This app was designed to tackle the challenge of ensuring that you are confident in your paint color decision by allowing you to take a photo of a room or choose a “live view” and digitally paint the room with any of the 1000’s of available paint and stain colors. Check out the commercial below to see how Home Depot is marketing the app.

Home Depot Just Changed How to Select a Paint Color

Gone are the old days of taping a small paint swatch onto a wall or buying a sample size and painting an area of the wall. The Home Depot’s Project Color app will even detect lines, shadows and lighting differences to represent the most accurate portrayal of how your wall will look when selecting a new paint color.

In addition, the developers have allowed for sharing via social media to solicit feedback from your friends, family and whomever else you would like to give you their opinion. Who knows your picture could become the next viral sensation!

The features are not limited to just trial and error methods of choosing a paint color. Perhaps one of the coolest features is Project Color’s “Match It” option. Say for example, you are visiting an open house and love the paint color the home owner decided to paint the family room. The chances that the agent will know the name of the paint color is pretty slim.

With Project Color’s “Match It” option you can simply take a picture and the app will attempt to match it to the closet option available from Home Depots paint color selection. Keep in mind, you are not limited to matching just existing paint colors on walls. You can take a picture of just about anything and the app will attempt to make a match. Taking a trip to your local nursery and taking pictures of your favorite flower colors could produce some pretty cool paint colors!

Painting your walls is a task that most people would like to get right the first time. Choosing the right paint color is often times an area of the project that causes people the most amount of stress. After all the actual task of painting is fairly easy on the home improvement task list.

Before tackling the project you need to know how much paint to buy at the hardware store. In order to figure out how much you need a little math needs to be done. Multiply a walls length times height which will be the square footage for each wall, just add them all up and that is your total square footage. Generally, one gallon of paint will roughly cover about 400 square feet.

Quick tip: When using more than one gallon of paint, mix them in a 5-gallon bucket to ensure color consistency.

Click here if you need a detailed step by step instructions on painting your interior walls.

My Own Test and Results of Home Depot’s Project Color

While the reviews of the app are mixed, where at the time of writing this blog the average review on both the App Store and Google Play is 3 stars. So I decided to download the app and to see how it performs for me. First I opened up the app and choose the “See It” option, then I selected “Take Photo” and took the below picture of my living room. You could also load a photo from your camera roll if you wanted to.

Living Room Before

Once the picture was in the app, I decided to pick some colors and see how the room looked with some extreme changes to the paint color. The interface was fairly straight forward and intuitive once you found your way around it. Below are the results, as you can see the app does a pretty good job at changing the room color around to match the selected paint color. There is some errors, such as look at the inside of the clock, the app did not detect this to be part of the wall, but this is fairly minor and it gives you the option to fine tune if you wanted.

Living Room With a Red Color


Living Room With a Blue Color


Living Room With a Yellow Color

Overall, I think this app provides great value to the consumer, especially considering Home Depot doesn’t charge you for it. Is it perfect, of course not! But it gets the job done and while I will not be painting my living room “Rice Curry” color anytime soon, I will be using this app when it is time to paint my house. The best part about this app is that it stamps the updated pictures with the color name and brand of paint for you to easily bring to the paint department at your local Connecticut Home Depot.

Manchester Connecticut Store
80 Buckland Hills Dr
Manchester, CT 06040

Glastonbury Connecticut Store
115 Putnam Blvd
Glastonbury, CT 06033

Bloomfield Connecticut Store
55 Granby Street
Bloomfield, CT 06002

West Hartford Store
503 New Park Ave
West Hartford, CT 06110

Berlin Connecticut Store
225 Berlin Turnpike
Berlin, CT 06037

Enfield Connecticut Store
136 Elm Street
Enfield, CT 06082

Middletown Connecticut Store
909 Washington Street
Middletown, CT 06457

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Thinking about painting your house before you sell? I have some great color combos that will definitely get buyers to take notice. Feel free to reach out to me and I will share these with you directly.

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About the Author: The above real estate information on Home Depot’s Project Color App: Choose the Correct Paint Color was provided by Sandy Smith, a local Connecticut real estate agent serving Hartford and Tolland Counties.

Are you currently thinking about selling your home? I have an awesome marketing plan that focuses on what works to sell your home! Contact Sandy Smith for a no obligation discussion, call or text 860-455-1371.

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