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The time has come to sell your lake house in Connecticut…

After years of great backyard barbecues, family gatherings, swimming and fishing on the lake and just enjoying the view. It is time to move on and you want to sell a lake house in Connecticut. The decision is not one to be taken lightly. It has come after careful consideration and you feel another family can pick up where you will leave off and continue on with all the home and the lake has to offer.

So how can you successfully sell your lake house and sell it for the most amount of money possible? The simple answer is you need to appeal to the buyers emotions. You do this by selling the story of what the home and lake will mean to a buyer and their future.

If you want to sell a lake house in Connecticut below is a step by step process that if followed will virtually guarantee success.

  1. Prepare and Present the Lake House to Sell
  2. Professional Photos to capture not only the home but the lake lifestyle
  3. Professional marketing to a targeted audience
  4. Pricing the home to attract a large buyer pool and to create the greatest perception of value
  5. Hire a professional realtor with experience in selling lake homes for top dollar

1) Prepare and Present the Lake House to Sell

In order to successfully sell your Connecticut lake house you need to make it look it’s best. Before putting it on the market take some time and spend a few dollars to fix all those items that will give you the most bang for your buck. Spruce up the outside with a fresh layer of mulch, give the main rooms a fresh coat of paint and don’t forget to do a deep cleaning. Ensure that the porch, front door and front yard landscaping look their best, after all that is where the in-person first impression will happen of your lake house. Be sure to download my home sellers guide which includes a section called 99 Ways to Stage Your Home to Sell and will completely guide you on what items to focus on!

Click Here to download my home sellers guide

2) Professional Photos to capture not only the home but the lake lifestyle

Lake Living in Connecticut

While hiring a professional photographer is important for any home that will be on the market, it is imperative if you want to sell a lake house in Connecticut. Why? Because just about every home buyer starts their search online and if your lake house has amateur photos taken with an iPhone or even a point and click camera then the product will not draw people into the lake lifestyle that you are trying to sell.

Keep in mind you DO NOT just want a couple pictures of the exterior of the house and yard, you want ALOT of pictures of everything the property offers in terms of enjoying the outside of the home. Don’t skimp on great shots of the lake, the view of the house from the dock and a landscape view including the hammock or adirondack chairs. The goal here is to get people to envision themselves relaxing in that hammock or launching their boat off the dock. Do you see what I mean now by selling the story not just the house?

3) Professional marketing to a targeted audience

Once you have those photographs back from the photographer you need to put them into action. Make them work for you with professional marketing to a targeted audience. You can accomplish this most effectively in a variety of different ways. Start off with the traditional marketing to agents and homebuyers working with agents by listing the home in the MLS.

However, selling a lake home is different because there are buyers sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right lake house to be for sale.  Those buyers probably are not working with an agent and would not find your lake house from the MLS. You need to be strategic in how you attract these buyers.

One way is to utilize the power of Facebook and it’s paid advertising platform. Utilizing this feature will put a professionally designed ad directly into the newsfeed of people interested in lake houses in Connecticut. That ad can then send them to a website that has been specially created just for selling your lake house, called a single property website. You can view an example of one by clicking here.

This allows you to showcase all the home has to offer and provide multiple ways for an interested party to get in contact with the listing agent. One of the main advantages of this type of website is there is not any other homes for sale on this website. People will spend quality time focusing on your lake house and not get distracted with the next shiny object.

Another way to generate a lot of interest is to get your neighbors involved. Just about every single neighbor who lives on your lake with you loves it just as much as you do.  More than likely they know someone who is just green with envy that they live on the lake. That is why you need to target and market to your neighbors because that person green with envy could turn into the person who makes an offer on your lake house!

4) Pricing the home to attract a large buyer pool and to create the greatest perception of value

Now don’t let all the hard work be in vain, the goal is to sell your lake house for MAXIMUM market value. The direct opposite of what you want to do is to have people come and look at your house, the sign still be in the yard and the house not selling. Meanwhile, those people that looked at your house, made an offer on another lake house that was for sale. This scenario plays out when you overprice your lake house.

What you want to do is to correctly price your home so that when a home buyers views your property they fall in love with it and the perception of value has entered their head and they make an offer. My advice is to get a professional valuation done to determine what your home would sell for in today’s market.

Find out how much your home could sell for – INSTANTLY

5) Hire a professional Realtor with experience in selling lake homes for top dollar

How do you do all of the above and be successful? It’s simple, you sit back and relax and enjoy your final days on the lake while a professional Connecticut Realtor handles selling your lake house. If you are interested in selling your house or just want to explore the option, please contact me and lets have a conversation on how I could help you sell a lake house in Connecticut. As always there is no obligation with having me come out and walk you through your options.

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About the Author: The above real estate information on Sell a Lake House in Connecticut in 5 Steps was provided by Sandy Smith, a local Connecticut real estate agent serving Hartford and Tolland Counties.

Are you currently thinking about selling your home? I have an awesome marketing plan that focuses on what works to sell your home! Contact Sandy Smith for a no obligation discussion, call or text 860-455-1371.

Sandy Smith services real estate sales in the following Hartford and Tolland County towns: Andover, Avon, Berlin, Bloomfield, Bolton, Bristol, Burlington, Canton, Columbia, Coventry, East Granby, East Hartford, East Windsor, Ellington, Enfield, Farmington, Glastonbury, Granby, Hartland, Hartford, Hebron, Manchester, Mansfield, Marlborough, New Britain, Newington, Plainville, Rocky Hill, Simsbury, Somers, South Windsor, Southington, Stafford, Suffield, Tolland, Union, Vernon, West Hartford, Wethersfield, Willington, Windsor, Windsor Locks Connecticut

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